Signs of Personal Financial Distress
  • Increasing Expenses
  • Declining Income
  • Weakening cash position, reliance on debt to fund activities
  • Difficulty obtaining finance
  • Late payments or interest charges
  • Significant changes in the market
  • Payment arrangements hard to comply with
  • Unpaid tax and superannuation liabilities
  • Judgement debts received
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Business Debts affecting personal cashflow
  • Fraud by staff
  • Partnership disputes

What does Gervase Consulting do for me?

As  Regulated Insolvency Professionals and Registered Trustees we specialise in assisting individuals in business and can provide you with an independent recommendation on your current position, including:
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Job Costing & Quoting Reviews
  • Credit Control
  • Providing advice on how to monitor and deal with creditors
  • Negotiation with creditor/s
  • Assist in the collection of accounts receivable and options available
  • Solvency position, including what options are available that don't include a formal appointment
  • Formal Arrangements managed under the Bankruptcy Act 1966(cth) consisting of :
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Arrangements
  • Personal Insolvency Agreements

What is the process?

We will arrange a consultation with you to discuss your personal situation, no fee applies to this initial consultation.

Depending on our discussions we will formulate a plan that suits your circumstances and to help you get rid of the financial stress and regain control of your personal position. Our involvement may assisting you with one (1) creditor/supplier or providing you options in regard to your financial position as a whole.

It is important to consider your options when looking at  your personal financial difficulties, including what options are available to you to help you manage you debt such as

  • working out what funds you have available to pay
  • where & when you can negotiate terms of payment
  • where you may be able to source additional funds
  • determining whether your situation is short term or extreme financial difficulty that may require specialist intervention (including Bankruptcy).

Contact Gervase Consulting for more information and to arrange a meeting.

We look forward to working with you towards a solution.

 Phone: 07 3221 8006