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Services for Employees

Finding out your employer is subject  to an insolvency appointment can be very stressful and worrying time. Gervase Consulting is there to provide you with information regarding your claim against your employer or former employer. An employee’s claim is a priority claim.

If you require information or would like to ensure that your claim as an employee is listed, please contact our office by:
E-mail:  admin@gervase.com.au
Phone:  07 3221 8006


My employer has been declared Bankrupt or has entered Liquidation or Voluntary Administration?

Upon our appointment we will advise all employees of our appointment if most instances via a face to face meeting of staff to allow you to answer any of your queries and to provide our details for further queries.

You will also receive a letter advising of our appointment with details of whether your employer will continue to trade or close and provide details of what this means to your wages, entitlements and ongoing employment.

If your employer is in liquidation or bankruptcy you can lodge a claim for Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG) assistance for certain categories of employment entitlements that are left unpaid by your employer.

Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG)

The Australian Government provides financial assistance to cover certain unpaid employment entitlements to eligible employees who lose their job due to the liquidation or bankruptcy of their employer.

Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG) is a legislative safety net scheme of last resort with assistance available for eligible employees.What can I claim under FEG?

You may be able to claim:

  • your unpaid wages—up to 13 weeks
  • your unpaid annual leave and long service leave
  • payment in lieu of notice—up to five weeks
  • redundancy pay—up to four weeks per full year of service.

For more information please refer to the FEG Website

How do I make a FEG claim?

Applying online is the quickest way to receive your entitlements:

  • lodge a claim for assistance online at FEG Online Services
  • make sure you read the full FEG fact sheets prior to submitting your claim
  • you will need to provide specified evidence of your citizenship status for your claim to effective.
  • Remember that you only have 12 months to lodge your effective claim.

More information on eligibility, how to apply and lodging a claim for assistance is available.

How can Gervase Consulting assist me in my Claim?

Gervase Consulting will assist you in providing any details we can to assist you with your claim.  In most instances we have access to your former employers books and records to able to provide details of your employment.


Superannuation is not covered under FEG.  Pursuant to Section 561 of the Corporations Act 2001 (cth) superannuation entitlements have a priority in the administration in respect to realisations from assets not subject to any securities.

Accordingly, the payments made in respect to outstanding superannuation are dependent on any net funds realised assets not subject to any securities.

Superannuation not paid by the due date attracts Superannuation Guarantee Charge (SGC) with the ATO and as such should sufficient resources be available to pay superannuation entitlements the payment including the SGC will be paid to the ATO to distribute to your nominated superannuation fund.

Providing Information

We encourage any employees with information about their prior employer that may assist in our investigations to contact our office to discuss.  Your information can greatly assist in our recovery actions and can lead to sufficient resources to pay priority creditors, including outstanding superannuation.