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Employer & Franchisors

Gervase Consulting knows that employers and franchisors need to ensure compliance with employee related issues. 

Why Choose Gervase Consulting?

Services for Employers

  • Ensuring that you are compliant with relevant legislation and regulations. 
  • Confirming payments made to the intended and correct accounts.
  • Providing comfort to employers have taken all steps to prevent or minimise any HR fallout

Services for Franchisors

  • Extensive review of procedures and compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Confirming entitlements to mitigate any risks of incorrect calculations or identifying breaches of terms of franchise agreements including proper wages, overtime, penalty rates, commissions, incentives, superannuation and other rights as required.
  • Ensuring that all historical entitlements have been recorded and calculated correctly and that there are sufficient wage controls and conditions of work for employees in a lawful and proper manner. 
  • Confirmation that taxation obligations have been calculated, lodged and paid accurately in accordance with relevant legislation.

For more information please contact our office on (07) 3221 8006 or at admin@gervase.com.au