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Your Personal Finances

At Gervase Consulting we understand finances. We can provide you with expert and reliable advice to help you navigate solutions for financial stress. 

It is important to consider your options when looking at your personal financial difficulties. This includes what options are available to you to help manage your debt, such as;

  • Working out what funds you have available to pay 
  • Where & when you can negotiate terms of payment
  • Where you may be able to source additional funds
  • Determining whether your situation is short term of extreme financial difficulty that may require specialist intervention (including bankruptcy) 

7 tips to control your personal finances

  1. Create an emergency budget
  2. Contacting your creditors
  3. Consider a personal loan or increasing credit
  4. Apply for Hardship
  5. Use Government and community assistance programs
  6. Avoid payday loans
  7. Seek help from a professional that specialises in personal financial stress, like us at Gervase. 

Our aim is to provide a personal, efficient, cost effective service where your client deals directly with our team as we work through solutions to their current financial position.

Just like you make an appointment to your taxation accountant for your taxation needs, the Gervase team is your specialist advisor for dealing with matters of personal financial stress.

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Signs Of Personal Distress

  • Increasing Expenses
  • Declining Income 
  • Weakening cash position, reliance on debt to fund activities
  •  Difficulty obtaining finances
  • Late payments or interest charges 
  • Significant charges in the market
  • Payment arrangements hard to comply with 
  • Unpaid tax and superannuation liabilities 
  • Judgement debts received
  • Personal guarantees
  • Business debts affecting personal cashflow
  • Fraud by staff 
  • Partnership disputes 

How We Can Help

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Job Costing & Quoting Reviews
  • Credit Control
  • Providing advice on how to monitor and deal with creditors
  • Negotiation with creditor/s
  • Assist in the collection of accounts receivable and options available
  • Solvency position, including what options are available that don’t include a formal appointment
  • Formal Arrangements managed under the Bankruptcy Act 1966(cth) consisting of :
    Bankruptcy, Debt Arrangements and Personal Insolvency Agreements.

More Information:

A Debtors Petition is a process in which an individual lodges their own petition to become Bankrupt. This is usually entered into when a person is unable to come to any arrangement with their creditors or is insolvent. The process includes completing a Statement of Affairs summarising income, assets and liabilities and a Debtors Petition that is lodged with the Australian Financial Services Authority (AFSA). Gervase Consulting can assist and advise individuals who find themselves in situations of personal financial distress and insolvency and decide to present a Debtors Petition. Our role includes investigations into the causes of the insolvency and reporting to creditors to advise them of any income or assets available for an equitable and fair distribution to creditors

Bankruptcy can also be initiated via a Sequestration Order. A Sequestration Order is where an individual creditor has applied to the Court to have you made bankrupt. This is usually done on application of a creditor by way of Creditors petition. In most cases, the creditor would have obtained judgement on the debt and would have served a Bankruptcy Notice on the individual that they are seeking to make Bankrupt. Gervase Consulting’s role in such appointment includes investigations into the causes of the insolvency and reporting to creditors to advise them of any income or assets available for an equitable and fair distribution to creditors.

A Personal Insolvency Agreement (PIA) or “Part X” is an alternative to bankruptcy and can allow a individual (debtor) to come to a formal arrangement as to discharge of debts. The procedure is designed to encourage flexible arrangement between debtors and creditors. A PIA only binds the creditors that assent to them and requires a “yes” vote from a majority of creditors who represent at least 75% of the dollar value of the voting creditor’s debts. Gervase Consulting can provide more information and can administer the requirements for a PIA, including to professionals who’s trade or profession may be affected by becoming Bankrupt.


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