Specialist Services

Specialist Services

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Specialist Services

At Gervase Consulting we understand finances. We can provide you with expert and reliable advice to help you navigate solutions for financial stress. 

In addition to assisting individuals and businesses experiencing financial stress we can help with the following:

  •  Statutory Trustee
  • Informal Arrangements and Settlements
  • Investigations and Corporate Advisory

More Information:

Our experience in statutory trustee appointments over property allow us to resolve property owner disputes in situations such as where you and your spouse have separated and cannot agree on what is to happen to the property or where parties have joint property as an investment can not reach agreement or compromise. To appoint a Statutory Trustee you have to apply to Court seeking relevant Orders. A Statutory Trustee will market and sell the property and distribute the net sale proceeds to the respective owners in accordance with the terms of the Court Order.

Gervase Consulting can also assist companies settle debts which they owe or legal claims against them which they cannot pay. If successful, this results in a company avoiding unnecessary liquidation or voluntary administration. Such settlement negotiations can also be facilitated for individuals and can also include Debt Agreements (Part IX) in certain circumstances where creditors are made offered an amount in settlement of the debts due.

Gervase Consulting can undertake specialist investigations and corporate advisory services on behalf of a company or individual using our expertise in business affairs to provide recommendations and solutions in regard to cash flow, processes and management of a business affairs to maximise the value of the business for all stakeholders. 


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